School Council

The School Council at Kerrimuir is comprised of eight persons elected by parents, four staff members elected by staff, and the Principal. There is provision for the Council to co-opt a further two members from around the school community, who offer particular talents to assist Council.

Meetings are held monthly, on one Monday, starting at 7pm. Council elections are held annually, but terms of office are for two years. The Annual General Meeting is normally held prior to 31 March. Council welcomes parent involvement and interest through:

  • Attending meetings
  • Personally contacting a school councillor
  • Corresponding with the School Council Secretary
  • Attending sub-committee meetings

Members of the School Council (March '19 - '20)

Parents Craig Fegan
Kate Stevens
Duncan White
Teresa Lennie
Kristen Stirling
David Henderson
Andrew Tesdorph
Angeline Toh
Jennifer Leou
Scott McKenry

Staff Representatives Michael McLean
Liz Stavridis
Jo Jolly
Nick Dart