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Kerrimuir Primary School Kerrimuir Primary School
Kerrimuir Primary School
Kerrimuir Primary School
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Kerrimuir Primary School is committed to providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment in which diversity is valued. Our school community will teach students many things about life to enable them to enter and participate effectively in society through:

  • Providing an innovative, challenging and inclusive curriculum
  • Promoting a culture of excellence
  • Acknowledging and celebrating individual achievements
  • Instilling knowledge, values, beliefs and teaching the essential skills to become life-long learners and
  • Developing resilence in students to enable them to lead healthy and well-balanced lives


At Kerrimuir Primary School, our aim is to develop each child to their full academic, social and physical potential. We are focussed on moving children forward, with strong classroom teaching in all curriculum areas and by implementing effective programs to ensure this happens!

With the whole school community, we developed a set of agreed values for our school community, to encompass who we are and our aspirations for our staff and students.These will follow our high expectations for schoolwork, behaviour and the respectful way in which we communicate and care for each other, ourselves and the environment. We seek to prepare our students for their future. Our aim is always to make a positive difference for each child at our school. Our main focuses are literacy, numeracy and developing creativity, independence and problem solving skills.

At Kerrimuir we have 29 staff: one Principal, an Assistant Principal, 19 teachers and 8 Education Support Staff. At Kerrimuir, children develop high level ICT skills through electronic portfolios of student work, videoing, animation, Interactive Whiteboard use and online learning and testing. Our excellent academic results are improved by extensive programs for both accelerated learning (Wise Ones runs for approved children in Grades One to Six) and support (including individual and small group literacy and numeracy support from Prep to Grade Six). We aim to present stimulating curriculum programs, taught by our dedicated, hard working and friendly staff.

Kerrimuir Primary School
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